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Recent Questions

Q: I just want to confirm that my American Credit Cards will be readily accepted in Europe (Italy, especially).

A1: I live in France. French people need to insert pin numbers when they use their credit cards. However, it appears American credit cards are accepted with no PIN number, just a signature.

A2: I traveled to Italy and had no problem using my American credit cards, however it was incredibly hard to find machines that would give me cash advances!

Q: Can I take for granted that I will always find an English-speaking person in Hotels in France?

A1: Yes in Paris and the Riviera. You may not find English-speaking people in the countryside.

Q: I'm have a new web site and have tried to get a credit processing services. They all say I need an American Bank Account. Is this hard to get?

A1: If you have an address, it is easy. But, be careful! There are tax implications! You will have to file American Taxes every year!

Q: My niece is in Brazil, she wants to call the Tourist office in Amsterdam. Do they speak Portuguese in this office?

A1: Chances are they will only speak Dutch and English! I've tried and I speak Italian!

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