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Express Proofreading Help

What is Express Proofreading?
Express Proofreading saves you time, money and aggravation! Wordzone makes it easy for you to accomplish your proofreading needs. We offer immediate pricing. You don't have to count words or lose time waiting for quotes. In seconds your proofreading project is in the hands of a qualified proofreader. Best of all, you know in advance an exact price for your proofreading assignment. No more estimates!
Express Translation is part of Wordzone's Full Service Translation services!

Choosing the Language Combination
Choose the source language (From Language) and the target language (To Language) from the drop-down lists. If a language that you require is not listed in the drop down lists, please visit the Proofreading Resources Network Database. If you have text that needs to be proofread in multiple languages, it must be submitted individually for each language combination.

Inserting your text for proofreading
Insert the source (original) text into the first box. Insert the target (text to be proofread) text into the second box. Insert as described below.

To insert Text:

a)  Highlight the text you want to insert into the box (by using Shift + Arrows), or choose the entire document (on toolbar choose: Edit/Select All).

b)  Copy text to clipboard (on toolbar choose: Edit/Copy or use Ctrl + C). The highlighted text will be placed on your clipboard.

c) Click inside of the box provided, and paste your document into this box (on toolbar choose: Edit/Paste, or use Ctrl + V).

To delete the text from the box:   Click on the Reset button.

If your text does not fit into the box, you could split it into smaller sections of text and insert each section individually. You could also search the Proofreading Resources Network Database
for pricing and delivery information from qualified proofreaders worldwide.


Receiving Price for Proofreading
Click the "Calculate the price" button. You will receive an immediate price for the proofreading assignment. To have your text proofread at the price given, have your credit card information ready and click on the Order button. (Clicking the "Cancel" button will cause your document to be deleted from the box and all actions will be canceled.)

Ordering Proofreading of Text
You will enter a secure server and be asked to submit your credit card information. Upon receipt of payment a Confirmation of Order will be sent to the e-mail address provided. Your document will be immediately forwarded to and proofread by a qualified and professional proofreader.

IMPORTANT: Click on the "ORDER" button ONLY ONCE. The approval process for your credit card payment may take a few moments. It is important not to click "ORDER" more than once or your card will automatically be billed every time you click on the button. Please be patient! Order Approval could take up to one minute. You will know your order has been sent successfully when you reach the page that states "Your Order Has Been Received."

Receiving Completed Proofreading Project
A qualified proofreader will proofread your text and email it back to you as a text document. Once the proofreading assignment is completed, it will be returned to the e-mail address provided. You will generally receive the completed proofreading project within 24-48 hours, depending on the size and complexity of text to be proofread.

See Express Terms of Service for more information.

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