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Comparison of Translation Services offered by Wordzone

Wordzone offers two basic types of service, Full Service Translation and Real-Time Services.

Real-Time Translation Services
This service was implemented to meet the challenges of the new economy while providing better pricing and delivery in real-time! Our goal was to bring the price of translation down by getting rid of the middleman! You make the decisions regarding your translation project. You pick the translator, proofreader, price and delivery!

You take control over your project.  You can choose a translator based on criteria that you think is important. To cut down on delivery you can play with time zones! It is up to you. We provide you with the information and access needed to make decisions regarding your job, without middlemen or agency fees!

It is recommended that translation and proofreading services are ordered for each job. Database pricing is lower because management fees are not included and each level of service is priced separately. This allows you to determine what services are needed.

This service is automated so you have a greater responsibility to choose your professionals carefully. Wordzone can not guarantee the level of service that will be provided when proofreading services are not used.

We give you the power to choose!

Full Service Translation
Wordzone manages and takes full responsibility for your translation project.  All projects will be checked and double checked to verify accuracy and to ensure the highest quality translations. 

Wordzone's Express Translation Services fall under this category while taking advantage of new technology allowing real-time quotes to be provided to you!

Full Service Translation is managed manually. Wordzone guarantees quality and quoted delivery!

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